The Future of Fundraising!

About HOW

Help Our World is a small group of successful entrepreneurs who want to use our skills and resources to create a better way of equipping organizations to meet their goals. We rooted our entire concept in a core practice:

“Do the right thing.”


To us, those four words mean doing whatever we can to leave everything a little better than we found it. They keep us excited to engage the world, school by school, community by community, organization by organization. Teamwork is of vital importance to us, and we’re here to serve alongside you.

There’s no doubt fundraising serves the greater good, but many programs are outdated. They do little to help in a well-rounded way. We set out to change that.

Help Our World team has decades of combined experience. We honed our chops in software development, marketing, sales, and operations. That came in handy when it came time to create a fundraising model that serves everyone involved:

  • Your orgnaization

  • Organization supporters

  • Program volunteers

  • The community at large

We haven’t stopped at developing a complete end-to-end fundraising platform, either. Help Our World continually strives to create new and innovative ways for you to engage your community using the latest methods in technology, social media, and direct contact.


Your fundraiser is more than a fundraiser to us.

It’s an opportunity for engagement and unity within your organization or charity of choice.