The Future of Fundraising!

Our Program

Participation in specialized activities deepens the club and organizations experience and teaches skills that can’t always be picked up in the world. If a child wants to play in the organization sports, learn to program a computer, or be part of a club, that should be within their reach. Unfortunately, there’s a rapidly growing barrier: The steady uptick of cash children are asked to contribute out of pocket.

Continuing to ask families for more funds isn’t a great answer.

It’s not sustainable. And educators shouldn’t have to dip into their wallets to equip their organizations, and practice fields.

This is where the fundraiser comes in. Fundraisers have always been an enormous service to communities and organizations. Over time, they’ve become a vital source of financial support for organization. Fundraising is a strong solution for lean budgets. Not only does it keep clubs and programs going, it boosts your childrens engagement in and enthusiasm for your oganization overall.

Help Our World: a far better way to fundraise

Most fundraising programs prey on the goodwill of those wanting to help. Supporters feel compelled to buy products and services they don’t even need or use, often at super-inflated pricing.

After noticing this we thought, “This model is flawed. It needs to change.” So we set out to do just that.

Our team believes a fundraiser is only effective if it meets three specific goals:

  1. Show a financial return to the fundraising group

  2. Offer value to supporters who buy the product or service offered

  3. Provide noticeable/measurable benefit to the community

We call that a Win-Win-Win program, and we built it.

As far as we can tell, Help Our World is the only fundraising platform that’s created this kind of triple benefit. Not only that, we’ve made recurring fundraising easier and faster than ever before.

With Help Our World, supporters save money and time while helping their organization.